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As an offline weblog client, BlogDesk lets you comfortably write and effortlessly publish new entries to your blog.

No need to use those annoying HTML Tags in the WYSIWYG editor. Images can be directly inserted and are automatically uploaded. Even publishing simultaneously to multiple blogs is a matter of a click.


With the ImageWizard you can not only insert images to your posts - it's possible to edit them as well (crop, resize, rotate, shadow etc., see Examples). Even Thumbnails can be created - the preview will be shown in the blog and a click on the image will open it in its original size (just like here in the right column). Linking and uploading those images is automatically done by BlogDesk.  


The reduced view leaves more space for the actual post and helps to focus on the content. Especially inexperienced users appreciate a clean workspace without to much distraction.  

Reduced GUI

The BlogWizards helps to configure your blog. With pre-defined blog systems you can access your blog after a few seconds.  


Links can be easily inserted and edited. If you link to local files (such as MP3 or PDF), BlogDesk will automatically upload them.  

Insert Link

Dictionaries in 14 languages are available for the integrated spell checker  

Spell Check

Posts already published can be edited afterwards and deleted directly from the server.  

Posts alreday publised

Frequently Used Phrases are an enormous time-saver for often used phrases, sentences, acronyms or complex formulations.   

Frequently used phrases

The Tags-Generator lets you easily define and insert tags instead of retyping them over and over again. WordPress-Tags are supported, too. You can also set so called Custom Fields.  


In the Notebook you can insert and rearrange text before you actually use it in your weblog entry. For your convenience you can create multiple categories where text can be saved separatley.  


The comprehensive help explains all aspects of the program in a clear manner. The help is also available as a printer-friendly PDF manual (Download).  




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