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  Changelog (see also program description)  
  Version 2.8 Build 400 - 22.02.2009  
  • Apart from the german, english and spanish version there is now a french version.
  Version 2.8 - 20.04.2008  
  • Support for WordPress-Tags (if using WordPress 2.5).
  • Support for Custom Fields (if using WordPress 2.5).
  • Articles can be protected with a password (if using WordPress 2.5).
  • JPEG-Qualitiy can be set in the ImageWizard.
  Version 2.7 - 20.07.2007  
  • The SmartUpload makes it easier to upload files when working with media plugins (like Embedded Video for WordPress).
  • BlogDesk can be shown in the SystemTray (Options / Extras).
  • Categories can be sorted.
  • Character Count displayed while typing.
  • No quality loss when saving JPEG images.
  • Several bugs (e.g. when removing thumbnails or when editing posts already published) and inconsistencies removed.
  Version 2.6 Build 600 - 17.05.2007  
  • Problems with the new WordPress (2.2) solved. If you still work with an older version, you need to open the blog properties and change the value in the System dropdown from WordPress to WordPress (< 2.2).
  Version 2.6 Build 510 - 03.05.2007  
  • Bug when minimizing the main window.
  Version 2.6 Build 500 - 30.04.2007  
  Version 2.6 Build 300 - 20.07.2006  
  • Several bugs and inconsistencies removed (Trackbacks, TimeStamp, FileUpload).
  Version 2.6 Build 200 - 20.06.2006  
  • Support for blog system dasBlog.
  • Enhanced category handling for MovableType blogs. For this to work you need to re-read the categories of your MovableType blogs. This can be done in the blog properties or by right-clicking on the respective blog in the blog list.
  • Small enhancements.
  • Some bugs removed.
  Version 2.6 - 28.05.2006  
  • Support for blog systems MovableType, Drupal and Serendipity.
  • Language for user interface and help can be switched in the options.
  • Several bugs and inconsistencies removed.
  Version 2.5 - 11.05.2006  
  • Posts already published can be edited and deleted from the server (File menu).
  • The Open Post dialog now distinguishs between Drafts, Templates and Published posts and offers a preview.
  • The AutoSave option will periodicaly save the current post.
  • The popup menu in the list of blogs offers the most relevant commands.
  • Extensive HTML-Code (like you may get it from YouTube and comparable sites) can be easily inserted (Edit menu).
  • Support for the blog system Blojsom.
  • Apart from the german and english version there is now a spanish version.
  • Some bugs and inconsistencies removed.
  Version 2.1 Build 200 - 02.04.2006  
  • New border effects (ImageWizard)
  • Bugs removed (Euro and other special characters caused problems)
  Version 2.1 - 16.03.2006  
  • You now can upload images/files via the blog interface. This is necessary if your blogsystem/bloghoster does not offer FTP access. Blogs running under WordPress will benefit too, because the direct upload method is much easier to configure.
  • Some bugs and inconsistencies removed.
  Version 2.0 - 18.02.2006  
  • The ImageWizard lets you easily insert and edit images.
  • Linking and uploading when using Thumbnails is automatically done by BlogDesk.
  • Spell checker with dictionaries for 14 languages.
  • Comprehensive integrated Help.
  • Improved Editor
    • XHTML instead of HTML
    • Context menu
    • Paragraph-Tags (<p> und <br>) can be removed while editing and before publishing.
    • Lots of little bugs removed.
  • More Blog-Properties
    • External FTP servers can be accessed using an absolute Image Path.
    • Categories can be edited manually.
  • Extended Link possibilities
    • Option Open in new Window
    • Linked local files (such as MP3 or PDF) get uploaded automatically.
  • Using the File menu you can print or open a blog in a browser.
  • Lots of bugs and inconsistencies removed.
  Version 1.0 Build 200 - 10.11.2005  
  Version 1.0 - 23.09.2005  
  • Now with english language file.
  Version 0.9 Build 610 (Final Beta) - 14.09.2005  
  • FTP data is correctly applied.
  Version 0.9 Build 600 (Final Beta) - 09.09.2005  
  • Better Copy/Paste in Notebook and Source editor.
  • Better debug.
  • Changes in the help menu.
  • Better word-selection after double click.
  • Language file is now complete.
  Version 0.9 Build 300 - 28.08.2005  
  • Use the Notebook to save and categorize information (menu Extras).
  • Use Phrases (menu Extras) for frequently used text. Perfect for reference like Via Blog Blabla, that you don't want to always enter manually.
  • The Tags-Generator (menu Extras) creates complete Technorati-Tags with links.
  • Private blogs in password protected directories can be accessed. SSL is supported.
  • Easy configuration when creating new blogs.
  Version 0.9 Build 100 - 18.08.2005  


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